Incentive programmes

Do you want to boost the work efforts of your employees? Do you want to strengthen the relationships with your business partners and assure them that you appreciate your mutual cooperation? Would you like to continue cooperating in the future? Do you want to win your clients over and strengthen your mutual relationships? Incentive is the answer.

Incentive programme preparations

The aim of incentive programmes is to reward and thank your business partners for their cooperation or your colleagues for their commitment. Such reward should go beyond the usual practice, be kind of exceptional. We want the participants to experience good feelings in order to inspire and motivate them to continue working with us.

Incentive programmes have proved to generate positive effects on employees’ performance, their motivation and loyalty. An exclusive experience will show your clients how much they mean to you.

Incentive subsequently overlaps into the company’s normal activities, when you and your clients can revisit the shared experience at your personal meetings, always having a topic at hand to start a new discussion easily.

How we work

We prepare incentive programmes both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Especially foreign events are highly appreciated. If you do business in IT, offer a participation at a Microsoft conference to your employees, or you can arrange a visit to a prestigious Formula 1 race for your automotive industry partners. Be assured that your investment will return greatly to you.

We will be pleased to design and carry out an attractive trip for you, your VIP clients or best employees. No familiar destinations and tedious programme; you can look forward to super feeling, great experience and wonderful reward for all participants.

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