Roadshows, promotional and launch events

Are you going to launch a new service or product? Then this event is just for you. The aim of launches is to present a new product or service to your target group, build awareness and subsequently sell.

Launch event

There are many ways of launching a new product. Every case is specific. A marketing launch event, which will start the whole campaign, is the cornerstone. Important steps include the invitation of media, influencers and possibly bloggers, who can spread information and promote the product awareness through their readers, fans, etc. An event like this, where you are launching a new product, should also be accompanied by an appealing programme to underpin the attractiveness of your event.


Roadshow is another useful marketing tool to promote a product launch and appeal to the audience across the country. A roadshow can be loosely built upon a launch event. Roadshows appeal to a wide and diverse group of people. They can take several forms– ranging from a conventional trailer and activities in town squares, mass events with a cultural programme, to seminars and sessions for narrower audiences.

There are two basic types of roadshows: for the public, where we present a product or service to the public, and those which are part of the company’s internal communication– for example, a presentation of a new strategy to our sales staff.

Promo events

Promotional event is another kind of basic marketing tools, directly appealing to your customers. It can take a variety of forms, ranging from tasting events, presentations, to competitions and product implementations among shopping centre customers.

Why choose us?

A new product launch or sales promotion is toilsome. Leave it up to us. We will devise how to creatively promote your company, project or product. A roadshow will take you straight to the people, enabling you to contact your target group directly.

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