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Teambuilding activities have the benefits of strengthening the relationships among co-workers, reinforcing the team, fostering the employees’ loyalty, and revealing the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. At the same time, they help improve the communication and performance of the individual group members. Some are born to be team players, some become them.

Teambuilding preparations

The key factors to succeed include the right communication of the programme  and the purpose of the whole event towards the participants from the very beginning. Everybody should have an idea of what to expect during the teambuilding event and why.

Teambuilding ought to strengthen your company, extend its internal relationships and, last but not least, improve the motivation and personal satisfaction of your employees. Prudence is required when choosing activities. Not everybody is an avid sportsperson, and a cycling afternoon may become a nightmare for some. To achieve the desired objectives, less demanding – not less efficient – activities are often enough.

How we work

The location should be selected very carefully. If the event is a meeting of branches from all over the Czech Republic, it is best to pick a place similarly distant from all branches. The programme should be set up in such a way that everybody finds something enjoyable in it.Thus, there should be variants for those physically fit, as well as easier activities for those who are not very fond of sports. We should not even omit funny activities, which your employees will remember with a smile on their faces.

A mass transport to the venue is the first teambuilding activity, as the participants will spend a few hours together in the bus. The means of transport is also a good place to present your programme and everything the participants can look forward to.

Good food and drink are also essential, all the more so for teambuilding events where the participants also do physical activities. Great results come from those teambuilding events where the participants jointly create real values that go beyond the standard practice (e.g. CSR) or have to overcome themselves, with the participants supporting each other.

Why choose us?

We organise sporting, adrenaline, psychological and various thematic programmes, workshops, corporate discussion fora and meetings with follow-up feedbacks. We will prepare the documentation, analysis and evaluation according to the client’s requirements. Experiences are what ‘counts’.

Corporate activities organised by us can take place indoors, outdoors or as a combination of both. We organise events in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad.

Write us. We’ll be delighted to prepare a detailed outline of your next teambuilding.
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