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We are an event agency that will provide you with every type of event. From corporate meetings to social events. With smiling in any situation. We will surprise you with a professional approach and an impressive program that your guests to really enjoy.

We create
an exceptional experience

From the climbing of the Vyšehrad Rocks to the massive event on Wenceslas Square. Our events to attract an attention and create unforgettable experiences. We enjoy trying new things and walking on the paths that no one has ever seen. To connect and invent things that no one has ever invented. We want to bring an enjoyment to our work and make happy our clients. That's why we have been organizing events for you in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic or in Central Europe for over 27 years. And we still enjoy it.

We will provide an original event that will differentiate you from your competition, promote your brand image or improve relationships of employee. You will experience an exceptional atmosphere without organizational complications.
See what we can do.

What we can do

At first we need to know you and your business. And then we will be able to create and design aesthetically diverse program that attracts attention and exceeds your expectations. We will prepare the implementation plan and go into complete production. We organize the events carefully. Only after that we know that guests and clients will enjoy their enthusiastic reactions. Choose the right one.

Do not know which event type is right for you? Contact us.
Depending on your needs and goals, we recommend the right one.



“Beautiful decoration, no mistake. Just as professional as ever. 20th years of cooperation speak for everything. We look forward to further cooperation and thank you. S9 beauty!”

Ing. František Štěpánek, Sokolovská uhelná (Reprezentační ples Sokolovské uhelné, MDK Sokolov, 2.3.2018)


“Collaboration with S9 was awesome! Indeed, the event was well organized. You have the perfect team of people and not only here internally, but also those who participated in the whole event during the day. So perfect for us.“

Petra Rychnovská, ASB Group (ASB Group Teambuilding – Pražská výzva, 8.-9.9.2016 Praha)


“Thanks for the great cooperation, professional approach, precision and creativity.“

Soňa Rybnikářová, Renomia Network (Setkání spolupracovníků Renomia Network, 29.8.2014, Hotel Jezerka Seč)


Major projects

Since 1990, we have had hundreds of successfully organized events and projects. We are really proud of these ones.

Project 10. years old

Wenceslas Square, Prague the 17th of November 1999

To celebrate of the Velvet Revolution, we have created an authoritative international project with the participation of Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush senior, Michael Gorbachev and other major elite. The project has shown interest in foreign media by CNN, BBC and others. The participation of the projects was tens of thousands and culminated in an annual concert at Wenceslas Square.

Climbing of the Vyšehrad Rocks

Vyšehrad, Praha the 9th of september 2016

For the ASB Group we have arranged a full-day teambuilding program called Prague Challenge. A part of the program was the slaughter of the Vyšehrad Rocks accompanied by professional mountaineers. It should be noted that we were probably the only one to whom the slaughter at the authorities was officially authorized. At present it is no longer possible.

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